“TMC” offers a thorough grounding in treasury management strategy, tools and techniques. The course will enable participants learn to maximise cash flow for their organisation through effective fund allocation, while minimising risk using appropriate measurement and management strategies.

Course Objectives

participants will gain better insight into the new and existing challenges facing the FSI
participants will gain insight into effective management of a company’s cash and debt
participants will understand the technicalities of how to optimise the allocation of a company’s funds
participants will develop practical skills and knowledge that can be applied on-the-job and the businesses immediately
participants will learn practical ways on how to transform the treasury franchise into a modern-day world class model that operates with better control, risk management and improved efficiency at a reduced cost.

Duration – 5 Days

Growing Importance of Treasury Franchise

Corporate Treasury Models

Evolution of the Corporate Treasury

Treasury Management Best Practices

Corporate Treasury Risk Universe

Cash Management Tools and Techniques

Liquidity Management

Cashflow Forecasting

Managing Bank Accounts & Relationships

Working Capital Essentials

Managing Financial Risks

Currency Exposure & Risk Management

Interest Rates Management

Managing Other Corporate Financial Risks

Overview of International Trade