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Understanding & Marketing Treasury Products & Derivatives (UMTPD)

Course Overview

“UMTPD” is designed to offer a rigorous face-to-face selling skills and relationship management to all staff involved in sales, marketing and customer service. Participants will gain the skills to identify and select appropriate strategic approaches based on their knowledge of the client’s risk when attempting to promote treasury related concepts, services and products.

Course Objectives

  • provide participants with basic understanding in treasury products and derivatives
  • expose them to derivatives and structured products
  • ensure participants can identify appropriate treasury products and opportunities for clients
  • expose participants to the standards required in identifying client suitability and the risks inherent in derivative products

Duration – 5 Days


Basic Treasury Products
Money Market, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives

Forwards, Forward-forward, Swaps, Options, Structured Products

Risks in Treasury Business

Client Suitability

Analysing Client's Business & Identifying Business Opportunities

Model Customer-Product Profitability Report

Case Study - Bankers Trust