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Strategic Management

Course Overview

Strategic Management program is for executives moving into significant business leadership positions or encountering a specific business challenge.

Course Objectives

  • to create strategies which enable an organisation to achieve its vision, goals and objectives
  • to appreciate how important leadership is in the management and implementation of strategies and incorporate this knowledge in future strategic planning
  • to anticipate and evaluate likely and unlikely risks and incorporate this analysis into strategic management, while enabling a quick and flexible response to internal and external changes
  • to identify those factors which contribute to the failure of the majority of all strategies and prevent or overcome them
  • to revise, refresh and develop those key strategic management skills which enable strategic plans to be implemented effectively

Duration – 5 Days


Formulating Strategy to Achieve Vision
Agree vision, mission, culture and values of organisation, Analyse where organisation is now, Decide where the organisation wants to be, and by when, Selecting best strategic options to get there

Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making
Importance of leadership in implementing successful strategies, High-profile leadership which inspires and motivates, Decisive, speedy and consistent decision-making, Persistent follow-through on all decisions to produce results

Risk and Crisis Management
Identify all risks, evaluate potential impact and mitigate accordingly, Incorporate strategic flexibility to respond to internal and external changes and pressures, Prevent issues becoming risks then turning into crisis, Create, practice and be prepared to implement crisis plans

Prevent Failure of Strategies
Recruit and retain people with appropriate skills, experience and track record, Clarify and communicate roles and responsibilities, Encourage creative problem-solving and constructive conflict resolution, Promote unity within teams and harmony between teams

Skills for Success
Communication - presentations, meetings, oral, listening, body language, and written, Delegation to increase productivity, Negotiation and influencing skills for a win-win for all, Time management for minimum effort to produce maximum results