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Service Excellence

Course Overview

The module is a service excellence empowerment on ‘what winners do’ specially designed for all employees that complete the value chain in different departments of an organisation. Achievement of success is firmly dependent on the organisation’s buy-in to service excellence fundamentals.

Course Objectives

  • educate participants on how to attain excellence in service delivery in order to gain a quantum leap in critical business results
  • establish specific behaviour that will assure increased service excellence
  • ensure participants understand who their customers are, what they need and what they expect

Duration – 5 Days


Strategy, Goal, Plan, Execution, Process, Integration

Market Dynamics
Products, Distribution Channels, Brands, Support, Relation, Customer Satisfaction

Products, Price, Place, Position

Qualifying Potential Clients, Presenting Product Offerings Positively, Convert Prospects to Clients, Apply Selling Techniques, Closing a Sale

Customer Service, Service Operations, Managing Customers, Service Execution, Sales Support, Service Quality

Support Teams, Systems, Tools/Feedback, Training, Reports, Customer Data

Customer-Market-Knowledge, Customer Focus, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Relations, Customer Report, Market Report