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Securities Trading & Repo (STR)

Course Overview

“STR” exposes participants to the basics of trading in the over-the-counter securities market. It covers discussions of systems, players and their roles, trading fundamentals, market psychology, the role of repos and other hedging vehicles, as well as the relevant regulatory requirements that apply in the market.

Course Objectives

  • to expose participants to the basic concepts, processes and opportunities in Treasury bills in Nigeria
  • to use a simulated market to sharpen participants’ market making skills in Treasury bills and liquidity management

Duration – 4 Days


Monetary Policy Management

Diagnosis of CBN Money Market Operations

Treasury Bills (T.bills)

CBN T.bills Auction Process

T.bills Computation

2-Way Quoting Process

Repurchase Agreements (Repo)

Understanding the CBN OMO

Inter-bank Money Market Trading

Primary Auction of T.bills

Inter-bank Trading of T.bills & Money Market

Professional Markets' Session • Review of CBN OMO Activities

X-Ray of Nigerian T.bills Secondary Market


X-Ray of CBN Repo

Importance of Long-Term Repos

Valuation of Collateral in Repos