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Sales & Relationship Management (SRMP)

Course Overview

“SRMP” provides participants with an understanding of the principles, and practical experience for improving Business Relationship Management and improves their natural sales instincts. It also leads to the creation of practical ideas that will give participants considerable selling advantage.

Course Objectives

  • participants will imbibe the principles of personal selling and sharpen their communication and listening skills for a more effective sales presentation
  • they will apply the marketing concept to create winning strategies that build profitable and long-lasting customer relationships
  • participants will build satisfaction and responsiveness programs into the fabric of the organisation’s customer relationship management (CRM) culture

Duration – 3 Days


Becoming an Outstanding Salesperson
Key Attributes of Successful Salesperson, Sales Cycle

Goal Setting
Setting SMART Goals, Monitoring Results

The Power Tools of Prospecting
The Prospecting Board, Profiling – Buyers’ Personalities

Practices of Business Networking

Establishing Relationships
Preparing for Customer Interaction, Levels of Relationships

Effective Communication
Types of Communication Skills, Key Elements of Communication, Verbal vs Non Verbal Communication, Effective Presentation Skills

Persuasion & Confidence
How to Build Confidence, Persuasion Techniques

Overcoming Sales Objections
Seeing Objections as Opportunities, Steps of Handling Objections, Sealing the Deal

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM Concepts & Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty