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Money Market & T.bills – with simulation (Zerocs)

Course Overview

“Zerocs” module X-rays Treasury Bills and lays emphasis on practicals – Simulation. Participants will experience a modern day Treasury bill market through the manual and automated trading sessions supported by our in-house designed trading and settlement platform.

Course Objective

  • provide participants with the solid foundation required in the knowledge and workings of T.bills
  • introduce them to money market apart from gaining deep insight on the monetary policy framework
  • ensure participants trade amongst themselves in the simulated Money and T.bill Markets

Duration – 5 Days


Financial Markets Landscape

The CBN Monetary Policy Framework

The Financial System

Money Market Products

Effective Cost of Fund

Treasury Bills

Computation: Discount Factor/DV/Yield

Computation: Price /Yield Quotation

Holding Period Yield

Riding the Yield Curve

Fluctuations of a Bill's Price

Yield Curve


Term Structure of Interest Rates (TSIR)

Interpreting the Yield Curve

Classic Repo vs Sale-&-Buy Back, Repo Haircut, General & Special Collateral

Accounting for Trading & Investment Securities (IAS 39)
Trading Book, Available-For-Sale & Held-To-Maturity

Professional Markets Session