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Microsoft Office Empowerment Suite

Course Overview

Today’s business presentations, analysis and communication require reliance on Microsoft application packages – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Visio. Clients’ staff must therefore be proficient in the usage of all these packages to ensure quality work output in an efficient manner.
The series are intensive developmental training modules which help participants master the Ms-office suite to enhance job efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Objectives

  • introduce participants to word processing. They will also learn mail merge, create tables, clip art features for creating graphics on pages, a layout reading format to see how their pages look, as well as a “help” icon for easy access
  • give participants a solid foundation on how to manage, edit and format data, and advanced skills for working in Excel
  • expose participants to artistic visual effects, new and add easy-to-use audio, video and photo-editing tools that will allow them crop, control brightness and contrast visuals

Duration – 3 Days


Microsoft Word
Office Button, Word Options, Toolbars/Ribbons, Keyboard Shortcuts, Keyboard Navigation, Paragraphs, Tables/Clip Art, Bullets & Numbering, Fonts/Envelops & Labels, File Formats, Headers & Footers, Cut, Copy & Paste, Accessing Word Help, Mail Merge, Additional Resources

Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint Overview, PowerPoint Views, Creating a New Presentation, Formatting Text, Drawing Tools, Tables & Charts, Graphics & Clip Arts, Slide Masters & Templates, Transitions & Animations, Multimedia, Linked & Embedded Objects, Slide Show, Save/Print Presentations, Present with PowerPoint, Brain Teasers

Microsoft Excel
Refresher on Basic Excel Skills, Data Importation & Exportation, Data Validation, Formula Auditing: Post-entry Checks, Advanced List Management, Lookup & Information Functions, Worksheet Management & Linking, Advanced List Management, Useful Functions, Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts, Data Analysis vs Functions, Investment Management Concepts vs Excel, Evaluation of Bond & Stock, Stock Screening, Pro-forma Projections, Some Excel Hints, Introduction to Visual Basic for Application, Macros

Microsoft Viso
Shapes (Arranging, Positioning, Stacking & Grouping), Text (Adding Text to a Shape, Freestanding Text, Positioning), Text Box Tool