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Investment Managers’ Articulate (iMAP)

Course Overview

“iMAP” is an introductory level financial markets module for fund managers. This module exposes participants to the fundamentals of financial markets and products with an investment bias.

Course Objectives

  • Apprise participants of the:
    • structure of the Nigerian financial markets
    • CBN Monetary Policy Framework
    • market Infrastructure – NIBOR, NITTY, NIFEX, NAFEX and FGN Yield Curve
  • Afford participants the opportunity to gain reasonable understanding of financial markets and products  with an investment bias
  • Ensure participants gain insight into the inherent risks in financial markets

Duration – 5 Days


Financial Markets Landscape

Monetary Policy Framework

The Money Market
Interest Rate Bearing vs Discount Instruments, NIBOR, Products – BAs & CPs

Overview of T.bills

T.bills Computation
Discount Factor/DV/Yield, Price/ Discount/ Yield, Price vs Discount Quotation, Price vs Yield Quotation, Holding Period Yield

History of the FX Market
FX Market Concepts, FX Spot, Cross Rates, Forwards, Factors Affecting FX Rates

Bond Overview & Concepts
Coupon vs Yield, Pricing of Bond, Factors Affecting Bond Prices, Accrued Interest & Dirty Price

Yield Curve
Term Structure of Interest Rates, Interpreting the Yield Curve, FGN Implied Yield Curve

Classic & Sale and Buy-Back, Special & General Collateral

Primary Market, GDRs, Mutual Funds, REITs, Returns on Shares, The NSE, NSE Share Index, Secondary Market, Valuation, Market Making