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Introduction to Treasury & Financial Markets (ITFM)

Course Overview

“ITFM” is designed to introduce participants to financial markets and products: money, treasury bill, bond, foreign exchange, repo, equity, commodity and derivative and also give them exposure to the unique features of the products and regulations governing them.

Course Objectives

  • to expose participants to Treasury and its significance
  • to enable participants understand the key function(s) and core objectives of a Treasury
  • to ensure participants understand the key areas of Treasury and how Treasury is organised
  • to enlighten them on the effect of operational control on Treasury structure
  • to enhance participants’ understanding on the key role of a Treasurer

Duration – 3 Days


Objectives of Treasury, Structure & Organisation

Introduction to Financial Markets
Financial Systems Overview, Financial Markets Touch-points & Institutions, Financial Markets Regulatory Organogram

Financial Markets Overview
Nigerian Financial Markets History, Primary v. Secondary Markets, Financial Markets Spectrum

Overview of the Money Market, Money Market Products

Foreign Exchange
The Foreign Exchange Market, Spot FX Products

Capital Markets Architecture, The Nigerian Capital Market, Equity Market

Bonds Issuance Channel, Types of Bonds, Pricing a Bond, Features of a Bond, Yield Curve

Forwards, Swaps & Options

Treasury Operations
The Back Office Function, Key Treasury Operations Processes, Reconcilation

Treasury Sales
Role of Treasury Sales, Drivers of Effective Treasury Sales, The Effective Treasury Sales Person