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Fixed Income Investment Analysis (FIXIA)

Course Overview

The “FIXIA” module will provide participants with a thorough understanding of fixed income and expose them to bond pricing, bond mathematics, risk measurement and fixed income portfolio management.

Course Objectives

    • participants will have an in-depth understanding of best practice bond portfolio management techniques and how they can be used to deliver sustainable returns and manage risk
    • they will understand the parameters underlying the creation of an effective portfolio management strategy as well as the day-to-day management of risk and return enhancement opportunities

Duration – 4 Days



Overview of Fixed Income
General Overview of Fixed Income Instruments

Introduction and Overview of Bonds
Definition, History of the Bond Market & the Size and Complexity of the Bond Market

The Bond Issue
Parties to a Bond Issue, Rationale for Issuance & Attraction to Investors

Bond Mathematics
Bond Pricing, Concept of Yield, Price/Yield Relationship, Clean Price v. Dirty Price & Pricing Option

Risk in Fixed Income
Fixed Income Risk Concepts, Risk Measurement in Fixed Income (Duration & Convexity) & Risk

Bond Derivatives
Bond Securities with Embedded-Options (Callable, Puttable, Convertible & Exchangeable Bonds)