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Financial Analysis, Budgeting & Reporting

Course Overview

This program was designed to enable finance professionals to better understand and apply the techniques of financial & risk analysis. The curriculum will cover in great detail the key approaches to interpreting financial reports and the impact of capital composition structures, as well as the principles and applications of IFRS.

Course Objectives

  • to understand and apply effective financial and risk analysis
  • to effectively interpret financial reports
  • to understand the key principles and application of IFRS
  • to appreciate the impacts of capital composition structures
  • to conduct effective investment appraisals
  • to build and manage complex budgets

Duration – 10 Days


Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement
Format and content of the P&L statement, Understanding the principles behind the numbers, Building profit & loss statements, The link between the P&L and the Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet
Format & content of the Balance sheet, Understanding the principles behind the numbers, Building the balance sheet, Balance sheet analysis

Cash Flow Forecasts
The importance of cash flow, The format and content of the cash flow forecast'6, Building the cash flow forecast, The link between the cash flow forecast and the P&L

Building Effective Budgets
The format and content of budgets, Ensuring accurate information, Building the budget, Managing the budget

Building Effective Costings
Key costing techniques, Understanding margin management, Integrating costing with budgeting, Budget and cost reporting

The Principles and Impact of IFRS
Key principles of IFRS, The IFRS Standards, The impact of IFRS upon financial reports, Ensuring compliance

Capital Composition Structures
Forms of capital composition, The impact of gearing, Debt vs equity, Balancing capital structures

Investment Appraisal
Establishing investment outcomes - pure return, defensive, income led, strategic, Types of investment within the marketplace, Investment appraisal - ROI, yield, opportunity cost, The use of leveraged financial instruments

Risk Analysis
The concept of risk analysis, Probability analysis, Scale and impact analysis, Integrating risk analysis within investment strategy