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Equity – with simulation (StoX)

Course Overview

“StoX” is designed to introduce participants to the Nigerian equity market landscape and market making
skills in equities having first undergone thorough incisive tutorials on understanding equities.

Course Objectives

  • acquaint participants of the Nigerian equity market landscape in order to provide them with a solid foundation in equity fundamentals
  • use a simulated market to develop the market making skills of the participants in equity trading
  • enhance their appreciation of a liquid secondary market and the need for securities lending

Duration – 5 Days


Nigerian Equity Market Landscape

Types of Shares and Equities

Rights of Shareholders

Dividends and Bonuses


Stock Indices

GDRs and Mutual Funds

Public Offer Process

Regulators, Government Agents & Players

Equity Accounting Concepts and Equation

Authorised Paid-up Capital & Share Premium

Market Making Framework

Understanding Financial Statements

Security Analysis

Exchange-Traded Funds & Index Funds

VaR Simulation (historic, parametric & monte-carlo)

StoX Simulation