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Bond Trading, Sales & Investment – with simulation (Gilts Game)

Course Overview

The “Gilts Game” module covers incisive tutorials on bonds supported by automated trading sessions through our in-house web-based design trading platform- GiltsWARE, simulating real life scenarios.

Course Objectives

  • ensure participants’ knowledge of bonds is enhanced
  • participants will be able to appreciate the importance of the bond primary and secondary markets and their operations
  • they will also master various bond calculations to aid in the course of reviews on investment decisions, processing and risk management
  • participants are exposed to a fast moving bond market in order to master useful skills in trading

Duration – 4 Days


Overview of Bonds

The Nigerian Bond Market

Pricing & Valuation of Bonds

Annual, Semi, Zero, Floating & Accrual Bonds

Trading Principles, Techniques & Strategies

2-way Quote Dealing System

Mark-To-Market (MTM)

Investment Analysis

Understanding Repurchase Transactions
Concept, Structure, Haircuts

Duration & Convexity

3 Sources of Naira Return on Bonds
Yield-To-Maturity (YTM) Concept, Risk Analysis & Management, Interest Rate Derivative Products