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Understanding & Marketing Treasury Products & Derivatives (UMTPD)

“UMTPD” is designed to offer a rigorous face-to-face selling skills and relationship management to all staff involved in sales, marketing and customer service. Participants will gain the skills to identify and select appropriate strategic approaches based on their knowledge of the client’s risk when attempting to promote treasury related concepts, services and products. Course Objectives provide participants with basic understanding in treasury products and derivatives expose them to derivatives and Read More

Accounting for Derivatives (AFD)

The “AFD” module is aimed at providing participants with an overview of derivative products and a detailed understanding of the accounting procedures and processes required. Course Objectives AFD is structured to provide participants with an overview of the derivative products and a detailed understanding of their operations the program will expose participants to the basic rules for derivative accounting, required entries for the various forms of derivatives and review of various Read More

Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI)

“AFI” is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of international accounting principles and standards for financial markets products and their impact on the organisation’s profit and loss statement and the balance sheet. Course Objectives participants will be exposed to appropriate accounting treatment of assets & liabilities and transparent disclosure of income or losses in line with international best practices and standards they will be able to interpret and implement Read More

Banking Operations & Service Series (BOSS)

“BOSS” is an intermediate level program designed for new hires and officers in the bank who undertake the back-office business processes primarily and client relationship management. The program will chronicle fundamentals of banking operations’ standards, procedures and practices of modern banking & other financial services in line with global best practices. Course Objectives introduce participants to modern-day banking back-office functions, operational guidelines/framework for business as a whole; products, services and Read More

Financial Markets Operations, Risk & Internal Controls (FORIC)

“FORIC”, a highly practical module will empower participants to recognise, prioritise and institutionalise risk management, control and governance processes in order to proactively identify & prevent lapses and engender the promotion of enterprise-wide best practices. Course Objectives equip participants with the requisite skills to mitigate risks arising from the desire to compete effectively and excel in the new financial markets terrain assist them in defining the roles and the maintenance Read More

Market Risk Appreciation Program (MRAP)

“MRAP” empowers participants to increase their market risk management awareness. MRAP is designed to equip participants with contemporary skills in Trading Market Risk, Non-trading Interest Rate and Asset-Liability Management. MRAP covers the understanding of the risks (trading, non-trading, liquidity, pre-settlement and settlement) associated with treasury activities and balance sheet management. Course Objectives the module empowers participants to increase their market risk management awareness participants will be equipped with contemporary skills in Trading Read More

Pension Directors’ Articulate (PENDAP)

“PENDAP” provides pension fund directors with risk management tools to adequately protect their investment exposures. It also exposes them to various risks associated with portfolio management. Course Objectives pension fund directors will gain in-depth understanding of how to utilise the risk management tools to adequately protect their investment exposures they will brainstorm on the impact of interest rate on their investments and review the pension regulatory framework directors will gain Read More

Investment Managers’ Articulate (iMAP)

“iMAP” is an introductory level financial markets module for fund managers. This module exposes participants to the fundamentals of financial markets and products with an investment bias. Course Objectives Apprise participants of the: structure of the Nigerian financial markets CBN Monetary Policy Framework market Infrastructure – NIBOR, NITTY, NIFEX, NAFEX and FGN Yield Curve Afford participants the opportunity to gain reasonable understanding of financial markets and products  with an investment Read More

Fixed Income Investment Analysis (FIXIA)

The “FIXIA” module will provide participants with a thorough understanding of fixed income and expose them to bond pricing, bond mathematics, risk measurement and fixed income portfolio management. Course Objectives participants will have an in-depth understanding of best practice bond portfolio management techniques and how they can be used to deliver sustainable returns and manage risk they will understand the parameters underlying the creation of an effective portfolio management strategy Read More

Securities Trading & Repo (STR)

“STR” exposes participants to the basics of trading in the over-the-counter securities market. It covers discussions of systems, players and their roles, trading fundamentals, market psychology, the role of repos and other hedging vehicles, as well as the relevant regulatory requirements that apply in the market. Course Objectives to expose participants to the basic concepts, processes and opportunities in Treasury bills in Nigeria to use a simulated market to sharpen participants’ Read More