“Articulate” is a compelling proposition for all new intakes or existing professional staff that require the knowledge of financial markets. It covers treasury products, interaction and interface with financial markets. This program is compelling for participants if they must have a solid foundation for the skills required in 21st century competence in corporate finance.

Course Objectives
Apprise participants of the:
structure of the Nigerian financial markets
CBN Monetary Policy Framework
market Infrastructure – NIBOR, NITTY, NIFEX, NAFEX and FGN Yield Curve
Expose participants to the financial markets (money & treasury bill, bond, foreign exchange, repo, derivative), balance sheet management and treasury risk management
Afford participants the opportunity to gain reasonable understanding of financial markets and treasury operations
Ensure participants gain insight into the inherent risks in financial markets

Duration – 5 Days

Financial Markets Architecture & Overview

CBN Monetary Policy Framework

Understanding Money Market Products
Interest Rate Bearing vs Discount Instruments, Bankers’ Acceptances & Commercial Papers

Treasury Bill Market
Overview of T.bills products, Quotation & Yield Analyses, Introduction to T.bills Derivatives, NITTY

Bond Market
Overview, Valuation, Yield Analyses, Term Structure of Interest Rates (TSIR)

Repo Market
Concept, Structure & Haircut, Classic, Sale & Buy-back, Special & General Collateral

Foreign Exchange Market
Spot, Crosses, Derivatives

Concepts, Primary Issuance

Equity Market
Primary & Secondary Market