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About Us


FDHL is a consulting firm incorporated in 2001. Whilst it covers both the financial and non-financial sector, its niche is in the empowerment of the operators, platforms, regulators and government agencies in the Nigerian financial markets industry.

The firm has over 100 years of combined and unparalleled experience in financial services and business management. We partner with clients to deliver bespoke solutions thereby resolving their most significant issues and ensuring lasting competitive advantage.

We have comprehensive knowledge of the banking, treasury management, financial markets, risk management, operations and other core functions of the international and Nigerian markets which sets us apart. The firm has also evolved over the years offering business skills and management consulting and training services.



Our core values are the foundation on which our firm has been laid. They reflect the basic principles by that guide the firm. These values define our character and culture, moulding our behaviours and decision making attributes:


Passion – We believe passion fuels energy and the most important ingredient to achieving our goals and mission hence our positive attitude to work

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards – Our big idea is ‘Enterprising & Painstaking’. We believe in getting it right all the time with excitement


Learning – We continuously desire knowledge and new ideas to grow as individuals and as a firm. At FDHL, we develop methodical and practical approach to learning, acknowledge & recognise team accomplishment


Integrity – We appreciate integrity and it reflects on our brand. We give honest and open feedback while also keeping our promises


Confidentiality – We keep confidences maintaining confidentiality of information or strategies and treating personal issues of others that may come to our attention with respect and dignity