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At FDHL, we seek to partner with our clients to achieve their strategic objectives; leveraging on our bespoke methodology informed by evolving best practices. Our diverse experience enables us deliver practical and sustainable solutions that align regulatory expectations with real-world applications in meeting our clients’ needs.

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Accounting for Derivatives

The module is aimed at providing participants with an overview of derivative products and a detailed understanding of the accounting procedures and processes required.

Accounting for Financial Instruments

This course is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of international accounting principles and standards for financial markets products and their impact on the organisation’s profit and loss statement and the balance sheet.

ALM – Practical Asset-Liability

Is an Intermediate Level Asset and Liability Management (ALM) course. Its introduction at this level is to ensure organisations’ books, in terms of assets and liabilities are managed in the most efficient manner and in compliance with all balance sheet requirements and controls


Is a bespoke program motivated by the need to give new hires and new comers to the financial markets an insight into the emerging Nigerian financial markets and the mechanics of the financial industry Asset-Liability Management and Liquidity Planning
We partner with our clients to assess ALM and liquidity risk practices, assist in Basel (1,2 & 3) preparedness, and develop practical balance sheet risk management programs consistent with regulatory expectations

Bond Trading Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to broaden their financial market service offerings by setting up their Bond Franchise

BOSS – Banking Operations & Services

This module is an intermediate level program designed for new hires and officers in the bank who undertake the back-office business processes primarily and client relationship management. The program will chronicle fundamentals of banking operations’ standards, procedures and practices of modern banking & other financial services in line with global best practices

Business & Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to determine their long term goals, best approach for achieving these goals and means of implementing the chosen course of action

Capital Planning & Analysis

We work with our clients to measure risk and stress test for capital adequacy. We conduct capital contingency modeling, capital contingency planning, as well as identify contingencies to future capital needs

CTM - Corporate Treasury Management

This course will offer participants a thorough understanding of the techniques available for modern treasury management and evaluation of treasury risk and also enlighten them on the latest techniques for managing those risks whilst effectively managing the funds of the institution

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Consulting

It involves analysing the strengths and vulnerabilities of an organisation’s systems and then defining rules & processes to ensure that the critical business processes will continue to function and all processes are restored to normal in the event of a disaster
Analysing an organisation’s existing Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plan to assess its compliance with management-approved standard operating procedures & governance requirements and upgrade the plan where necessary

Document Management

Implementing a document management system that converts paper documents to electronic form and manages the flow of these electronic documents to ensure easy and access

Documentation of Regulatory Standards for Financial Markets’ Operational Practices

We work with our clients to articulate and document required standards for Financial Markets’ Operational Practices

e-Noodles – Foreign Exchange

It is centred on practical foreign exchange and money market trading. Participants can actually feel and experience a modern day FX market through the manual and automated trading sessions supported by our in-house designed trading and settlement platform.It is centred on practical foreign exchange and money market trading. Participants can actually feel and experience a modern day FX market through the manual and automated trading sessions supported by our in-house designed trading and settlement platform.

Enterprise-wide Risk Management

We partner with our clients to perform diagnostic reviews and provide suitable “best practice” recommendations for better management and control of risks. We evaluate board and management’s organistion for risk management oversight, ensuring that contemporary expectations for an independent risk function are being met. We also focus carefully on the core management processes by which risks in the organisation are: identified and measured; controlled and monitored; tested, tracked, and remediated; and reported to regulators
We provide an introduction to the main concepts of ERM, the relevant Basel Standards and comprehensive, leading-edge ERM theories and practices.

ESPN - Executive Scholar Program for Non-Executive Directors

The ESPN is a practical and highly interactive training program designed to increase the effectiveness of impending and serving NEDs

FinRa - Financial Ratios

This is aimed at developing the understanding of the different types of financial ratios and how they are used to standardise financial information, measure financial performance and facilitate meaningful comparisons, investment & Credit decisions.

Financial Markets Analytics

Capturing, collating and analysing Nigerian financial markets data and global macro-economic data and presenting all on a single portal for ease of reference

Financial Markets Diagnosis

Capturing, collating and analysing Nigerian financial markets data and global macro-economic data and presenting all on a single portal for ease of reference

FIXIA - Fixed Income Investment Analysis

This module will provide participants with a thorough understanding of fixed income and expose them to bond pricing, bond mathematics, risk measurement and fixed income portfolio risk management

Foreign Exchange Trading Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to broaden their financial market service offerings by setting up their FX Franchise

FORIC - Financial Markets Operations, Risks & Controls

This highly practical module will empower participants to recognise, prioritise and institutionalise risk management, control and governance processes in order to proactively indentify & prevent lapses and engender the promotion of enterprise-wide best practices

Gilts Game – Bond

This module covers incisive tutorials supported by automated trading sessions through our in-house web-based design trading platform- GiltsWARE, simulating real life scenarios

G&P - Practice of Treasury & Asset Liability Management

Exposes participants to various processes involved in operation of a treasury and function of asset liability management. This modules empowers participants in the most efficient techniques of balance sheet management

iMap - Investment Manager Articulate

Is an introductory level financial markets module for Fund Managers. This module exposes participants to the fundamentals of financial markets and products with an investment bias.

Internal Audit Assistance and Assessment

We partner with our clients to ensure the Internal Audit Department (IAD) is dynamic in identifying and responding to new risks, while making sure that existing risks are mitigated

Internal Controls Development & Testing

We partner with our clients to set up the Internal Control Function. We also assist in the testing of already established controls for operating effectiveness

IT Assessment

It involves conducting an in-depth analysis of a company’s technical environment, including its existing computer applications, hardware infrastructure, IT plan and IT-related personnel to determine the adequacy and make recommendations

ITFM - Intro. to Treasury & Financial Markets

This course is designed to introduce participants to financial markets and products: money, treasury bill, bond, foreign exchange, repo, equity, commodity and derivative and also give them exposure to the unique features of the products and regulations governing them

M& A Advisory

We work with our clients to help identify opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses, as well as advise on disposals; in alignment with business strategy

MARTA - Market Risk & Treasury Audit

The program is specially designed to provide participants with an understanding of the treasury structure & products, fair value and the mark-to-market of trading treasury products, the inherent risks in treasury operations, internal control & audit framework, auditing approach etc.

Market Intelligence

This is the financial markets data and research brand of FDHL with focus on; Developing fixings and indices, capturing and collating Nigerian financial markets data & macro-economic indicators and analysing the Nigerian financial market

Market Risk Management

We carry out a diagnosis and assessment of the current state of Market Risk/ALM franchise; with a view to highlighting the likely impacts of the application of international standards on risk exposures and propose suitable recommendations

MOES - Microsoft Office Empowerment Series

The series are intensive developmental training modules which help participants master the Ms-office suite to enhance job efficiency and effectiveness

MRAP - Market Risk Appreciation Program

MRAP empowers participants to increase their market risk management awareness. MRAP is designed to equip participants with contemporary skills in Trading Market Risk, Non-trading Interest Rate and Asset-Liability Management

Organisational Effectiveness

We work with our clients to ensure the organisation is appropriately and effectively structured by analysing all available resources and modifying where necessary

PELP - Personal Effectiveness & Leadership Program

Provides participants with requisite skills to be better managers and leaders through the mastery of personal effectiveness and efficient time management

PENDAP - Pension Directors' Articulate Program

This module provides pension fund managers risk management tools to adequately protect their investment exposures. It also exposes participants to various risks associated with portfolio management

PIM - Portfolio Investment Management

Is designed to give a thorough understanding of the business of investment management; structure, governance issues, creation and management of portfolios, understanding of various asset classes, performance measurement, benchmark selection, investor profiles and much more

Practiculate - Fundamentals of Financial Markets (with simulation)

This program is designed to deliver practical applications of financial markets concepts through simulation and case studies

Repo - Securities Lending & Repurchase Agreements

This module aims to provide participants with practical and theoretical knowledge of Repos and Securities Lending and the attendant operational processes. The participants will familirised with all important aspects of documenting Repos and securities lending as well as other elements such as risks, key concerns and the life cycle

Regulatory Strategy and Advice

We work with our clients to ensure awareness of policies and changes being implemented by the Regulators, as well as an understanding of the impact on their businesses. We assist in formulating strategies in response

Risk Governance

We partner with our clients to create a Risk Intelligence Enterprise powered by effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs

Risk-based Supervision Framework

We work with Supervisory Authorities to review critical risks operating organisations are exposed to. We assess the management of such risks by the organisation and its financial vulnerability to potential adverse experience

Risks & Hedges - Interest Rate & FX Derivatives

The “Risks & Hedges” module articulates the need and importance of derivatives and how to assess and manage the different risks involved in derivative products

SOES - Sales & Operations Empowerment Series

The course is designed to familiarise participants with the rudiments of treasury and treasury operations. It provides an understanding of the dynamics of financial markets and fundamentals of treasury management, with emphasis on the treasury functions within UBA – front, middle and back offices functions 

SRMP - Sales & Relationship Management Program

This course provides participants with an understanding of the principles, and practical experience for improving Business Relationship Management and improves their natural sales instincts. It also leads to the creation of practical ideas that will give participants considerable selling advantage

StoX – Equity

This course is designed to introduce participants to Nigerian equity market landscape and market making skills in equities having first undergone thorough incisive tutorials on understanding equities

STR - Securities Trading & Repo

This program exposes participants to the basics of trading in the over-the-counter securities market. It covers discussions of systems, players and their roles, trading fundamentals, market psychology, the role of repos and other hedging vehicles, as well as the relevant regulatory and requirements that apply in the market

Technology Services

Evaluating, recommending and overseeing the implementation of risk management software in line with clients requirements
Evaluating, recommending and overseeing the implementation of investment management software in line with clients requirements

Transaction Support

  We assist our clients by assessing the potential value and risks associated with a transaction. We help them identify key drivers, improve deal structures, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performance, aiming to improve their negotiating position and accelerate a smooth transaction with minimal disruption

Training Bouquet

FDHL modules are designed to amplify the provision of relevant and innate skills required to enhance revenue generation, efficiency and promote robust risk management for our clientele whilst empowering their personnel (our Alumni) – their most valuable asset.

Treasury Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to review and conduct an assessment of the adequacy of the treasury management governance, processes, operations, touch-points and infrastructure effectiveness

Treasury Optimisation Framework

We partner with our clients to optimise treasury processes, manage risks, strengthen controls and provide support resources. We help our clients achieve more effective global treasury structures; ensure improved visibility and access to liquidity, optimise liquidity management, and a more comprehensive risk management

UMTDP - Understanding & Marketing of Treasury Products and Derivatives

This module is designed to offer a rigorous face-to-face selling skills and relationship management to all staff involved in sales, marketing and customer service. Participants will gain the skills to identify and select appropriate strategic approaches based on their knowledge of the client’s risk when attempting to promote treasury related concepts, services and product

VAR - Market Risk Management Techniques

‘VaR’ is designed to enable organisations develop a robust market risk team and also put in place action/trigger limits, policies, controls e.t.c. to manage the inherent risks involved in treasury dealings

Zerocs – Money Market & T.bills

Zerocs module X-rays Treasury Bills and lays emphasis on practicals – Simulation. Participants will experience a modern day Treasury through the manual and automated trading sessions supported by our in-house designed trading and settlement platform