Business advisory

Business & Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to determine their long term goals, best approach to achieving these goals and means of implementing the chosen course of action.

Documentation Of Regulatory Standards For Financial Market Operational Practices

We work with our clients articulate and document required standards for Financial Markets Operational Practices.

Due Diligence

We carry out series of investigations in order to confirm all Materials facts regarding the underlying transactions .

Merger And Acquisition ( M & A ) Advisory

We work with our clients to help identify opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses as well as advice on disposals, in alignment with business stategy.

Organisational Effectiveness

We work with our clients to ensure the organization is appropriately and effectively structured by analyzing all available resources and advising modification(s) where necessary.

Regulatory Strategy & Advice

We work with our clients to ensure awareness of polices and changes being implemented by the regulators, as well as an understanding on the impact of their business.

Transaction Support

We assist our clients by assessing the Potential values and risk associated with a transaction. We help the client identify key drivers, improve deal structures, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performances, aiming to improve their negotiation position and accelerate a smooth transaction with minimal disruption.

Financial markets advisory

Bond Trading Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to broaden their financial market service offerings by setting up their Bond Franchise.

Capital Planning Analysis

We work with our clients to measure risk and stress test for capital adequacy. We conduct capital contingency modeling, capital contingency planning, as well as identify contingencies to future capital needs.

Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to broaden their financial market service offerings by setting up their FX Franchise.

treasury advisory

Investment Management Support Services

We partner with our pension and fund
management clients to review and conduct an
assessment of their investment
process, recognition and classification of
financial instruments.

Treasury Franchise Development

We partner with our clients to review and
conduct an assessment of the adequacy of the
treasury management governance, processes,
operations, touch points and infrastructure

Treasury Optimization Framework

We partner with our clients to optmise
treasury processes, manage risks, strengthen
controls and provide support resources. We
help our clients achieve more effective global
treasury structures, ensure improved visibility
and access to liquidity, optimise liquidity
management, and a more comprehensive risk

risk management advisory

Asset-Liability Management & Liquidity Planning

We partner with our clients to assess ALM and
liquidity risk practice, assist in Basel (1,2 & 3)
preparedness, and develop practical balance
sheet risk management programs consistent
with regulatory expectations.

Enterprise Risk Management

We partner with our clients to perform
diagnostic reviews and provide suitable Best
Practice’ recommendations for better
management and control risk. We evaluate
board and managements organisation for risk
management oversight, ensuring that
contemporary expectations for an independent
risk structure are being met. We also focus
carefully on the core management processes by
Which risks in the organization are identified
and measured, controlled and monitored,
tested tracked, and remediated, and reported
to regulators.

Internal Audit Assistance & Assessment

We partner with our clients to ensure the
Internal Audit Department (IAD) is dynamic
in identifying and responding to new risks,
while making sure that existing risks are

Internal Controls Development & Testing

We partner with our clients to set up the
internal control function. We also assist in the
testing of already establish controls for
operating effectiveness.

Market Risk Management

We carry out a diagnosis and assessment of the
current state of Market Risk/ALM franchise,
with a view to highlighting the likely impact of
the application of international standards on
risk exposures and propose suitable

Risk-Based Supervision

We work with supervisory authorities to
review critical risks operating organizations
are exposed to. We assess the management of
such risks by the organization and its financial
vulnerability to potential adverse experience.

Risk Governance

We partner with our clients to create a Risk
Intelligence Enterprise powered by effective
Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Programs