“PEAP” is targeted at making participants perform at their optimum, tackling subtle or “soft” issues that people miss entirely or neglect but often affect career growth and corporate goals.

  • Course Objective
    to make participants become better aware of the need to form the habit of becoming highly effective, combining requisite knowledge, skills and desire
  • challenge participants to strive and possess attributes such as building and nurturing relationships, improving self confidence and awareness, in addition to being creative as a minimum standard
  • participants will gain full appreciation of what it means to be goal-oriented, optimising resources and be accountable for their actions
    Duration – 3 Days

Personal Effectiveness
Attributes of an Effective Person, Personal Accountability, The Behavioural Process, The Accountable Individual

Goal Setting
SMART Goals, Steps to Goal Setting

Effective Communication
Types of Communication, Key Elements of Effective Communication, Developing Assertiveness, Influencing Skills

Customer Service
Building Good Customer Service

Relationship Management
Steps to Strong Relationship Management, Managing Conflicts, Handling Difficult People

Emotional Intelligence
Elements of Emotional Intelligence

Effective Time Management
Pivots of Effective Time Management, The Urgent/Important Matrix

Personal Finance
Personal Financial Plan

Stress Management
Levels & Stages of Stress, Guide to Stress Management

Personal Accountability Action Plan
Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback, The Action Plan

Business & Government Etiquette, The First Impression, Social Introductions, Table Manners, Facility Management