The course provides participants with a sound understanding of management and the challenges today’s managers face. It also exposes requisite skills to becoming a successful and effective manager.

Course Objectives

  • appreciate the need to form the habit of becoming highly effective managers, combining requisite knowledge, skills and desires
  • understand how to successfully coach and mentor their subordinates towards building a cohesive and excellent team
  • build a performance-driven culture that is objective and transparent
  • are exposed to the importance of working together in achieving company’s values, missions and vision

Duration – 3 Days

Fundamentals of Management
Definition of Management, What Do Managers Do?, Types of Managers

Management v. Leadership
Basic Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles, Difference Between Managers and Leaders

Becoming A Successful Manager
Management Philosophy, Effective People Management, Manager’s Effectiveness

Understanding Company’s Vision & Mission
Clarification, Dimensions & SWOT Analysis

Goal Setting
Definition & Steps In Achieving Goals

Personal Accountability
Principles of Accountability, Proactive vs Reactive

Emotional Intelligence
Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management

Effective Communication
Types of Communication Skills, Key Elements of Communication, Verbal vs Non Verbal Communication, Characteristics of Effective Presentation Skills

Time Management
Effective Time Management, Urgent/Important Matrix, Stress Management, Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Managing People & Projects
Leadership Accountability, Competitive Advantage, Performance Appraisal, Meeting Project Deadlines, Coaching & Delegation

Effective Team Building
Characteristics & Benefits of Team Building, Stages of Team Development