The course provides participants with an understanding of the principles of leadership and identification of personal values and goals.

Course Objective

  • clarify leadership styles
  • understand principles of leadership
  • know the importance of working together in achieving the Company’s values, mission and vision
  • appreciate attributes such as building and nurturing relationships, improving self confidence and awareness
  • understand the significance of “Personal Leadership”
  • develop techniques to build an effective organisational structure and deliver results

Duration – 3 Days

Understanding Leadership
What is Leadership?, Attributes of a Leader, Objectives of Leadership

Leadership vs Management
Leader vs Manager, Effective Leadership Characteristics

Modeling the Way
Determining Your Way, Being an Inspirational Role Model, Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Inspiring a Shared Vision
Choosing Your Vision, Communicating Your Vision, Identifying the Benefit for Others

Challenging The Process
Developing Your Inner Innovator, Seeing Room for Improvement, Lobbying for Change

Enabling Others to Act
Encouraging Growth in Others, Creating Mutual Respect, The Importance of Trust

Encouraging The Heart
Sharing Rewards, Celebrating Accomplishments, Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Basic Influencing Skills
The Art of Persuasion, The Principles of Influence, Creating an Impact

Setting Goals
Setting SMART Goals, Creating a Long-Term Plan, Creating a Support System