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The Firm


FDHL-MT is a collaboration of two organisations that have historically worked in partnership on financial system-related projects that require senior-level engagement. FDHL’s passion for financial markets’ infrastructural development and MT’s zeal for strategic corporate transformation come together to form a compelling service offering to clients.

FDHL-Salonica is a collaboration of two organisations that combine the best of developed and emerging markets with over 100 years of operational financial market experience across infrastructure building, regulation, capital & money markets and derivatives. The collaboration has worked with a wide range of clients including; financial institutions, government entities, central banks, exchanges, regulatory bodies and other public and private capital markets participants around the world.

FDHL-IsoMetrix Leveraging on the strategic collaboration with Metrix Software Solutions (South Africa) Limited, FDHL is able to now offer its clients and prospects Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software via the IsoMetrix ERM solution (IsoMetrix). FDHL’s extensive subject matter expertise and the capabilities of IsoMetrix make the firm well positioned to address relevant gaps in risk management technology solutions and harness an effective end-to-end (E2E) technology delivery.




Our core values are the foundation on which our firm has been laid. They reflect the basic principles by that guide the firm. These values define our character and culture, moulding our behaviours and decision making attributes:


Passion – We believe passion fuels energy and the most important ingredient to achieving our goals and mission hence our positive attitude to work

Highest Quality Standard

Highest Quality Standard – Our big idea is ‘Enterprising & Painstaking’. We believe in getting it right all the time with excitement


Integrity – We appreciate integrity and it reflects on our brand. We give honest and open feedback while also keeping our promises


Confidentiality – We keep confidences maintaining confidentiality of information or strategies and treating personal issues of others that may come to our attention with respect and dignity


Learning – We continuously desire knowledge and new ideas to grow as individuals and as a firm. At FDHL, we develop methodical and practical approach to learning, acknowledge & recognise team accomplishment